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How Does a Semi-truck Transmission Work? 

Technician works on a semi-truck transmissions to help mitigate damage.

Semi-truck transmission gears experience excessive wear and tear. It is important to mitigate it with routine maintenance to stay on the road longer. Regardless of transmission type, it transfers power to the wheels for the terrain or incline the driver faces. It allows the truck to operate at various speeds and handle heavy loads, but it is constant work. So, how do you extend transmission life: 

  1. Avoid stop and go traffic 

  2. Get regular maintenance 

  3. Check fluid levels 

  4. Schedule maintenance with Master Fleet 

Lifespans for Semi-truck Transmissions

Based on, with a delay in production, it’s no longer just about the miles on the odometer to determine when it's time to retire a truck. It’s also about how much preventative maintenance and repairs a truck can withstand to the full return on their investment. While there isn’t a surefire answer to how long semi-truck transmissions will last, there are ways to extend its longevity. 

Driving Habits

Gear changes will need to happen; that’s unavoidable. The extra stress on a transmission comes when drivers make rapid and frequent changes to attain acceleration quickly. Encouraging drivers to make smooth transitions is crucial to the lifespan of semi-truck transmissions. 

Maintenance Practices

Regular inspection of gear teeth, synchronizers, and seals to identify wear or damage is one component to preventing the failure of a semi-truck transmission. Clutch adjustment, gear replacement and fluid changes, depending on the type of transmission, are all routine maintenance to keep your fleet out on the road.  

Checking Transmission Fluid in a Semi Truck 

Not all transmissions have dipsticks to check fluid levels. However, during normal operation, you really shouldn’t be losing fluid. It could indicate a leak. It is always best to consult a professional for semi-truck transmission repair, including transmission fluids. At Master Fleet, our expert technicians know how to inspect thoroughly and solve problems to give you peace of mind for your fleet.  


Schedule Your Semi-Truck Transmission Maintenance 

Drivers want to stay on the road and make their miles, but trucks need to be taken care of to meet their goals. Contact us, and we’ll keep your fleet operational.


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