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Get Back on The Road with Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair Services

Updated: Apr 15

Are you in need of roadside assistance to get your rig back on the road and meet your delivery time? Master Fleet has mobile fleet maintenance services that can be dispatched from Green Bay, the Fox Valley, or Milwaukee. Call +1-920-347-1800 to meet our reliable and efficient roadside team for trucks and trailers.  

 Why You Might Need Mobile Roadside Assistance

According to the Technology & Maintenance Council, 53% of roadside breakdowns are due to tire malfunctions. Tire blowouts are the most common. While truck drivers may have extra tires with them on route it’s important to have mobile truck and trailer repair to help swap the tire. A truck that size should not have a tire replaced alone. Most companies won’t allow it.  


Other common issues include mechanical breakdowns, battery failures, and needing fuel, all of which can cause delays and truck driver frustration. Master Fleet’s mobile service brings the solution to you so truck drivers can get on the road faster.  

We’re Unlike the Traditional Roadside Assistance Model (and That’s a Good Thing)

Not all truck and trailer repair services can offer the same services, nor can they meet you on the road. Unlike competitors, you don’t need an appointment, we have the utmost flexibility to meet our customer’s needs when and where they need them. 


Master Fleet aims to cater to customers' needs by bringing routine mobile fleet maintenance services to their preferred locations and times through our fleet of 15 mobile units, enhancing equipment utilization by eliminating the need for additional travel to a shop for minor repairs.  


Master Fleet's expertise in providing roadside support in the event of a timely repair not only boosts equipment uptime but also supports our customers in maximizing revenue generation by ensuring their trucks are ready to go without any added out-of-route miles or travel time.  

Emergency Service

In moments when well-maintained equipment unexpectedly breaks, Master Fleet's responsive mobile units are ready to swiftly get you back on the road, servicing emergency needs within a 50-mile radius of our shop locations in the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and Milwaukee.

We’re More Than Just Your Mechanics

As a Green Bay Excellence in Business Award winner, Master Fleet has been a for-hire complete truck and trailer repair and maintenance provider for over 35 years. With over 2.6 million repairs processed and more than 90 factory and ASE-trained technicians, Master Fleet is the best in the business and accessible across Southeastern Wisconsin fleets.  

More Uptime Thanks to the Master Fleet Team

Breakdown or need roadside assistance? Contact us, and we’ll get you back on the road.  

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